Nova at Home

Now that Nova has arrived she has been busy settling into her home life. First thing on the agenda was for her, Mommy, and Daddy to get caught up on some sleep! It's hard to see in the picture, but Nova is in a swaddle wrap that she really loves. It was a gift from Mommy's Aunt Terrie & Uncle Ron, and we are very grateful!

Next up was lots of eating. Now, since Mommy is breastfeeding she's not going to let Daddy put up pictures of Nova actually feeding, but here's a good picture of her reaction afterwards.

Nova has had a few visitors come by the house, but we didn't think to get pictures of all of them. We missed Nathan and Andrea, Kelly, Pepper, and the Gustavsons. We did think to get out the camera when Mimi and Uncle Geezy came by.

This was an especially important visit, because it was the first time Uncle Geezy got to see Nova.

Nova and Uncle Geezy
Not pictured: the inexplicable reason
Uncle Geezy wants to be called "Uncle
Geezy" and how "Geezy" is supposed
to be spelled.
"Jeesey"? "Giessie"?


Note: The videos may be too large for dialup connections, and they'll take a moment even on broadband. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Daddy has nicknamed Nova "Squeaky" because she sounds like a squeaky door opening when she whimpers (which she does fairly often when she's dreaming). We haven't quite been able to catch her making the noise, but the following video comes pretty close.

Here is Nova happily sucking away on her pacifier.

And finally, by special request...

Cousin Kendrick felt that the showing of naked baby bodies in the "Baby Chorus Line" photo was too gratuitous. In honor of his sensitivity to newborn nudity we offer up the following version of the photo, which we hope will be much more to his liking:

P.S. Some folks had expressed an interest in some method of leaving comments. Daddy is coding this site by hand, and does not currently have the time to make a comment form with a captcha to keep spambots from using Nova's page for their own nefarious advertising purposes, so, as a compromise, we have set up an e-mail account for Nova (the address is under the menu to the left) and any comments sent there that are within reasonable bounds of taste will be posted on the "Letters to Nova" page. Nova cannot presently answer any e-mail, but anyone who wants to pose a question will be gladly answered by someone pretending to be Nova.