Nova's First Months

Nova continues to sleep a lot, which is a good thing for a baby her age. She's finally taken to sleeping a bit more on her own (as opposed to in Mommy or Daddy's arms or in the bed with them). Here she is sleeping in the cradle. Also in the cradle with Nova are a pink stuffed firefly (??? we're not quite sure what kind of critter it is, actually!) that was a gift from Miss Martha and a knitted frog toy that was a gift from Jenna, an online knitting friend from Mommy's Ravelry group.

This is the same cradle Daddy slept in as a baby!

Nova has done a lot of visiting over the last few weeks... some at home and some at other places. One of the first visits since the last update was with Jeff and M.C., who came by with flowers. Nova scared them both by pooping while Jeff was holding her. SURPRISE!!

Mommy took Nova to visit with Brooke and her son Jack a bit later. Don't let anyone tell you Nova doesn't know Jack... here's the photographic evidence!

Jack apparently fancies himself quite the ladies man, and he tried to slip in a kiss on Nova, but she wasn't having any of it.

"Talk to the hand, Jack! You aren't my only
admirer, and I'm not that easy!"

Mommy also stopped by her office and saw some of her friends there. Here is Miss Sandra holding Nova...

... and here she is with Cheri...

We also went to visit Daddy's Uncle Mark and Aunt Terry. They both seemed to like Nova very much, and she liked them. Here is Uncle Mark holding her...

... and here is Aunt Terry holding her...

While we were there Daddy's cousin Alison came home from work. We hadn't expected to see her, but we were glad we did! She held Nova as well, and seemed to like Nova a lot (although she seemed very nervous that Nova didn't like her... silly cousin Alison!)

Alison's boyfriend Barry stopped by soon after and posed for a shot with Nova as well.

The next stop on Nova's visiting adventures was to see Mommy's friend Melissa and her new addition Emma. Here is Mommy with Nova and Melissa with Emma.

Melissa held Nova while they were there, and Mommy got a picture of Nova's good side.

Here's Mommy's friend Kelly holding both Emma and Nova during that visit. Nova is being cranky and crying, so we have replaced her face with a smiley face so as not to spoil the otherwise good mood.

The last visit was a home visit... Nathan, Daddy's friend from work, came by to see Nova, have a beer, and generally complain about life. The first time he visited he was unwilling to hold Nova for fear of dropping her, but this time Daddy convinced him to hold her, reasoning that even if he dropped her he'd be sitting on the sofa and she wouldn't fall far.

Mommy thinks Nathan has a chip on his shoulder
because he's so incredibly short. Seriously,
he's only like 2' 5" or something.