Letters to Nova

From Cousin Kendrick:
     "Aunt Kim's not fat anymore!"
(in reference to the picture linked above)
     "Where's my parrot?"

From Cousin Amanda:
     "you are super cute nova.... ask mommy and daddy to send me pictures of you and me together.. pweeze. haha... well whenever you get a chance.. love you guys!"
Cousin Amanda, there is a picture of you with Nova on the "First Weeks" page, specifically here.

From Mommy's Aunt Terrie and Uncle Ron:
     "Glad to see all of you settling in to the routine...she looks beautiful and we know Mom and Dad are proud. Can't wait to see her in person. Love to you all."

From Gil Varney:
     "Hi Nova! Please take it easier on your Dad. You're less than a month old and he's already lost all his hair!"

From Jack McQuilken:
     "Hi Nova! How's my main squeeze doin'? I hope we get to go for a walk soon! I miss you! Love, Jack"
Jack, we've been over this... Nova's just not a one man girl. You're welcome to keep trying, though!