New Firsts

Nova continues to meet new people. Here she is with Daddy's cousin Jeff and his father Gene.

There have been a lot of firsts for Nova recently. She got to take her first overnight trip out of town when Mommy went to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival in Asheville, NC. Mommy's friend and knitting buddy Holly got several great pictures that she's graciously allowed us to post here.

Nova started her morning by playing "hidey-eyes"...

... and just generally looking cute...

... and then finished up with a late morning nap.

Later in the day Nova got her picture made with Mommy and Daddy...

Daddy is wearing a wrinkled shirt
because Mommy thought Daddy would
look bad in a T-shirt and asked him
to put on his shirt from yesterday.
Daddy thinks the wrinkled shirt looks
worse. YOU be the judge!

... and then just with Mommy.

Nova's cute outfit was a gift from
Mommy's friend Sonia and her son

Nova was a little shy at first, but she turned out to be quite the little ham once she got going.

You lookin' at me? You looking at
me?!??!Well, I'm the only one standin'
  I'm gonna be a STAR!!!
This is fun!

Nova capped the day by playing with Daddy...

... and then falling fast asleep on his chest.

The more astute among you will have noticed that
Daddy is wearing a different shirt in this picture.
This is because Nova spit up on the white shirt,
an event that went unmentioned in the non-caption
narrative. Those of you who read the captions
get the REAL story.

The trip out of town was only the first of many firsts (you don't hear THAT every day!). Nova also intentionally grabbed something with her hands for the first time.

On the same day she had another first... she fell asleep in her bouncy seat.

Sleep-related firsts have been coming left and right. Not long after falling asleep in the bouncy seat she fell asleep all on her own while playing in the floor. Mommy and Daddy are hoping this is the beginning of an independent sleeping trend.

Nova felt happy and snug on her play
blanket, which was a gift from Mommy's
friend Melissa.

Finally, as the first cold spell of fall moved into Georgia, Nova got to bundle up for her first trip out in cold weather.

While bundled up Nova did her best impression of a 1950's sci-fi hero.

"Gentlemen, we will go to the

Even with all these firsts Nova is forming the beginnings of a routine. She likes to have her playtime with Mommy (or Daddy, if it's a weekend) in the morning...

... and then some maxin' and relaxin' on the swing (that usually ends in a morning nap).

Nova, seen here taking the slow train
to Easyville.

Nova has also been lucky enough to have regular visits from Grandpa. She loves her Grandpa time!

Nova sits with Grandpa and does her impression
of a duck.